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2021Synergistic effect of the joined application of poultry manure and phytase on soil quality indicators to improve soil organic carbon storage and pasture production on degraded andisolsGeneral para rubro Aves tradicionalesUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Obtaining high-yield commercial tomato plants under saline stress conditions whose tolerance is based on strengthening their roots to exclude sodium from their aerial organs. s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2021Assessing the local and landscape drivers of post-fire understory early pinus radiata invasions in the coastal maulino forest using remote sensing data and deep learning techniquesPino radiata: Pino insigneUniversidad Adolfo IbáñezFONDECYT
2021Xenoestrogens and their effect in the immune system of salmo salar: a putative role for mirnas.SalmónUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2021The biphasic life style of piscirickettsia salmonis: understanding its consequences for bacterial virulence s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2021Application of the crop simulation model substor-potato to assess the nitrogen use efficiency of potato crops in response to genotype, nitrogen and environments s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2021Efecto del tratamiento con bacteriófagos contra salmonella infantis en la respuesta inflamatoria producida por el hospedero y en la microbiota intestinal del pollo broiler s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2021Effects of climate change on productivity and evapotranspiration of temperate rainforests in Chile s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2021Elucidating the role of native pollens and their compounds in honeybees infected with Chilean deformed wing virus genotypes: impacts on honeybee behavior, survival and immunity s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2021Synergistic effects between extremophilic root-associated fungi. an innovative study of rhizosphere fungal communities to improve plant performance under combined drought and metal(loid)s stress s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Influence of genotype and chemical composition of perennial ryegrass on in vitro methane production and fermentation s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2021Cuerpos de inclusión como inmunoestimulantes de administración oral para el control de piscirickettsia salmonis en salmón del atlánticoSalmónUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2021Does the andean "super-food" have "super roots"? exploring the relationship between phosphorus acquisition capacity and micronutrient uptake in quinoa s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Nitrogen-use efficiency improvement in tomato crops through the action of yeasts on nitrogen uptake, assimilation, and translocation mechanisms s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2021Assessing the effects of social-ecological drivers on riparian biodiversity to plan climate-smart farmlands in Chile s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2021How the management of rhizosphere microbiota can enhance plant production under drought stress: developing a scientific basis for the design of next-generation biofertilizers s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Biotransformation of sodium selenite to selenoprotein in rhodotorula mucilaginosa and its effect as a nutritional supplement in juveniles of rainbow trout (onchorhynchus mykiss) exposed to conditions of chronic stress s/eUniversidad Católica de TemucoFONDECYT
2021Improving forest water yield and productivity quantification at the catchment scale by mapping root depth and eco-physiological thresholds with remote sensing and water transfer modeling s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2021Biodiversity and functionality of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: incorporation of bioinoculants in viticulture for sustainable production under a global change scenario". s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Evaluating the nutritional quality and organoleptic characteristics of molluscs in a more acidic ocean and its effects on consumer preference and behaviourGeneral para rubro General para Subsector Moluscos (agua de mar)Pontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2021Formulación de un bioestimulante vegetal monodisperso de quitina y sus derivados mediante el método mecanoquímico y su evaluación en la promoción vegetal en plantas de maíz s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2021Respuestas ecofisiológicas de las papas nativas de Chile a incrementos de temperatura como estrategias para la conservación de su biodiversidad y adaptación al cambio climático s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2021Unravelling the mechanisms controlling the trade-off between kernel weight and grain number to improve yield and crop adaptation of wheat s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2021Understanding the functional link between p use efficiency and internal al detoxification mechanism in ryegrass plants cultivated under acidic conditions s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Biogenic selenium nanoparticles synthesized by selenobacteria as an eco-friendly strategy for biofortification of wheat plants in southern Chilean andisols.TrigoUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Is dairy slurries digestion a key factor for the reduction of antibiotic-resistance transfer into the soil-plant continuum bacterial communities and their nutrient cycle-related functions? s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Revealing the role of pet dogs as reservoirs of bacteria resistant to critical antimicrobials and its associated risk factors: a critical problem for animal health s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2021Evaluating the climate change mitigation potential of no-till through impacts on whole-profile soil carbon sequestration in annual cereal rotations in central Chile s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2021Mejoramiento de la calidad del alimento de acuicultura mediante la introducción de la especie remediadora abarenicola pusilla (quatrefages, 1866).General para rubro General para Subsector AcuícolaUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2021Un enfoque transcriptómico para estudiar las diferencias en los parámetros de desarrollo de raíces, canopia y calidad de frutos de palta cv. hass por el uso de dos portainjertos en un cultivo protegidoPaltoUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2021Genomic studies for the optimization of detection techniques and characterization of agrobacterium species associated with crown gall in fruit crops of economic importance in Chile s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2021Study of the relation of the nutrition of breeders with the incidence of malformations, ultrastructural and molecular changes of the chorion in embryos of atlantic salmon (salmo salar). s/eUniversidad Católica de TemucoFONDECYT
2021Extremophile antarctic microorganisms enhance plant physiological performance, increasing health-related compounds in strawberry cultivated under drought and high-temperature conditions. s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2021Is aluminum (al) a beneficial element for plants adapted to acid soils? using physiological and molecular tools to understand how al affects the growth of native plants in Chile. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Contribución de moléculas señales tipo n-acil-homoserina lactonas sobre la tolerancia y promoción del crecimiento de plantas nativas establecidas en suelos con elevadas concentraciones de metales y metaloides. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Understanding the role of aba and transcription factors on softening of Chilean strawberry fruit s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2021Honey bee gut microbiota under the interaction of multiple stressors and the search for pesticide-detoxifying bacteria isolated from bees distributed in an agricultural system s/eUniversidad Santo Tomás FONDECYT
2021Effects of tissue age and endophytic microbiome on botryosphaeria dieback caused by diplodia seriata in cv. cabernet sauvignon in central Chile, and biocontrol studies in plant s/eUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2021Temperature matters: effect of the seasonal seawater temperature on the health status of atlantic salmon (salmo salar) skin mucosa reared in the south of Chile and its implications in the infestation by the ectoparasite caligus rogercresseyi (salt-liSalmónConsorcio Tecnológico de Sanidad Acuícola S.A. (ICTIO Biotechnologies)FONDECYT
2021Controlled-release of nitrogen and phosphorus in a biochar-based smart fertilizer: a novel holistic approach to sustainable crop production on acid soils s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Biofiltracion de aguas salinizadas utilizando micorrizas arbusculares: creando bases cientificas para la reutilizacion de aguas con fines agrícolas s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2021Pest aphids and drought: can bacterial symbionts enhance the fitness of sitobion avenae under water-stress, and what are their implications for biological control? s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2021Exotic forest pests in new habitats: evaluating the relationships among habitat suitability, invaded distribution and host damage along Chile s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2021Biochar activated for bio-remediation and bio-recovery of soils to promote a climate-smart agriculture s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2021Equine mesenchymal stromal cells preconditioning: a novel therapeutic approach to equine airway inflammation. s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2021Identificación y caracterización de la función de ARN pequeños de solanum lycopersicum transferidos a botrytis cinerea durante el proceso de infecciónTomate cerezaUniversidad MayorFONDECYT
2021Understanding the regulation of canine oocyte development: role of micro RNA s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2021Assessment of the anti-fibrotic potential of equine msc and their secreted products using tissue culture models s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2021Deciphering the origin of dna in culture medium from bovine preimplantation embryos: implication for embryo competence and genotyping s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2021Estudio del efecto de la temperatura de activación de los espermatozoides de salmo salar y oncorhynchus kisutch: impacto en función, estado energético, capacidad fecundante y expresión génica de los espermatozoides y resultado reproductivo.SalmónUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Uncovering pleiotropic functional variants involved in sea lice susceptibility and growth-related traits in atlantic salmon by using ultra-dense genome-wide information s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2021Hongos endófitos como agentes de control biológico de insectos plaga de la especie chenopodium quinoa (amaranthaceae)QuinoaUniversidad Católica de la Santísima ConcepciónFONDECYT
2021Fighting the pandemic causing the greatest biodiversity loss: advancing in the mitigation of amphibian chytridiomycosis s/eUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2021Unraveling epigenetic regulation in the nitrate-defense response interaction in solanum lycopersicum s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2021Ruminal ph pattern of dairy cows fed pasture-based diets and its prediction from biological markersGeneral para rubro Bovinos de lecheINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2021Resilience of productivity and biodiversity of managed valdivian temperate rainforests across successional stages. s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2021Consequences of inhibiting rumen methanogenesis on nitrogen metabolism of rumen microbes s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2021Disclosing critical environmental and genetic factors influencing durum wheat yields in contrasting Chilean regions s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2021Unravelling physiological mechanisms to cope nitrogen stress in contrasting lowland quinoa landraces (chenopodium quinoa willd) s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2021Living in a stressful environment: dynamic of health in phyllotis darwini and assessment of biotic, abiotic and social factors at the wildlife interface s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2021Andrographolide, a multitarget immunometabolic drug for the therapy of synovitis and lameness in cattle with D-lactic acidosis s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2021Improving growth, productivity and fruit quality of vaccinium corymbosum cultivars exposed to al-toxicity and drought in acid andisol: phytohormones management as a strategy under a climate change scenario s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2021Multivariate drought monitor system: biophysical modelling, remote sensing and hydroclimatic information for drought analyisis and forecasting in agriculture s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2021Interactive effect of organic-mineral amendments and "core microbiome" in restoration of abandoned mine tailings: promoting ecological processes and natural resilience s/eUniversidad de O'HigginsFONDECYT
2021Study of cross-infection, pruning wounds susceptibility, and effective protection in apple, blueberry, grapevine, kiwifruit, and walnut trees affected by botryosphaeriaceae species in the maule region, Chile. s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2021Sars-cov-2 in companion animals: preparedness for the near future, assessing the potential role as viral reservoirs s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2020Study of cytokinin applications in early stages of berry development on changes in cell wall metabolism and its effect on the grape firmness in vitis vinifera s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2020Assessing the vulnerability of nothofagus obliqua to warming and water scarcity throughout its distribution in south-central ChileRobleINFOR Instituto Forestal FONDECYT
2020Innovative organic amendments obtained by the aerobic composting of pig manures and corn stubbles from local industry, supplied with nanoclays and biochar and the utilization of end-products towards the restoration of metal polluted systems s/eUniversidad de O'HigginsFONDECYT
2020The in vitro effect of neutrophil extracellular traps (nets) on bovine sperm function and its impact in the fertilization outcomeGeneral para rubro General para Subsector BovinosUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2020In situ rhizosphere microbiome engineering. a sustainable strategy for enhancing p-acquisition and performance of wheat plants grown in soils with low pi-availability. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2020Large scale genotyping and focused identification of germplasm strategy to capture novel genomic variants in Chilean maize genetic resources s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2020Unveiling the impact of skeletal muscle immune-like response on the muscle growth of the atlantic salmon (salmo salar)SalmónUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2020Effects of climate change on xylem traits of woody species across environmental gradients in the mediterranean andes of Central Chile s/eUniversidad MayorFONDECYT
2020Understanding the emergence and the spread dynamics of antibiotic resistance determinants in campylobacter jejuni in food of animal origin, companion animals and the environment in Chile s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2020High-throughput phenotyping and genomic-assisted breeding: integrating approaches to accurately dissect the genetic architecture and predict complex polygenic traits in eucalyptus s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2020Role of boron nutrition and its association with aluminum toxicity on productivity and fruit quality of vaccinium corymbosum l. grown in acid soils of southern Chile. s/eUniversidad Católica de TemucoFONDECYT
2020Analysis of bud phenology and occurrence of semi-evergreen populus nigra trees in Chile. a genetic and ecophysiological approach to understand phenotypic plasticity under climate change. s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2020Regulation of firmness loss in raspberry fruit: role of annexin and calmodulin and their regulation by abscisic acid, ethylene, and calcium. s/eCentro Regional de Estudios en Alimentos SaludablesFONDECYT
2020Pharmacological modulation of the effects of acute inflammatory response induced by the lipopolysaccharyde of e. coli on the pharmacokinetics of florfenicol in a rabbit model s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2020Unraveling scallop immunity - pathogen interplay by dual transcriptomics: identification of molecular markers associated with resistance in larvae and virulence in a pathogenic vibrio s/eUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2020Smart nitrogen fertilizer to face climate change and food security s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2020Interactions of food bioactives from brassica sprouts and gut microbiota ("sprouts4healthygut") s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2020Beginning to understand the reproduction physiology in seriola lalandi through studying of main molecules belonging the brain-pitutary-gonad axis s/eUniversidad Bernardo OHigginsFONDECYT
2020Using the natural host-mediated microbiome selection to overcome soil-borne pathogens. towards the new generation of bioinoculants s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2020Synergistic impact of silicon uptake and arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis on wheat (triticum aestivum l.) tolerance to water deficit stress: an innovative insight for improving yield and nutritional quality of grains under a drought scenario s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2020Dormancy in sweet cherry: overlapping the small rna and methylation networks to design new breeding techniques in prunus. s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2020Identification of the epigenetic control of maturity date in prunus persica by integrating transcriptomic and epigenomic approaches s/eUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2020Exploiting the wild genetic diversity of saccharomyces cerevisiae for wine production s/eUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2020Sensory specific satiety in pigs: feed variety as a strategy to improve animals performance and welfare in intensive farming. s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2020Strategies to improve the efficiency of bovine ICSI: effect of injection technique, sperm capacitation combined with cell sorting and oocyte activation. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2020Endolysins: new tools to control vibrio in marine fish larvae, their effects on microbiota and fish larvae survival. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2020Tree species capacity to recruit in future suitable environments: the relevance of the regeneration niche s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2020Evaluation of the effectiveness of new plant protein extracts as fining agents for red winesVid viníferaUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2020Cellular homeostasis of mycobacterium avium subsp. paratubeculosis after the application of copper ions to control this pathogen in naturally contaminated cow milk. are we selecting more virulent strains? s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2020Exploring the physiological and agronomic implications of legume species with contrasting nitrogen fixation responses to soil inorganic N. s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2020Functional characterization of nk-lysin antimicrobial peptides from salmo salar s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2020Resilience of small-scale farming across spatial scales: agrobiodiversity and local knowledge in important agricultural heritage sites in Chile s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2020Modelling of net nitrogen mineralization in the agroecosystems of Chile s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2020Inmunidad nutricional: mecanismo de defensa antimicrobiano empleado por salmo salar contra piscirickettsia salmonis y renibacterium salmoninarumSalmónUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2020Towards an environment-smart crop production: genome-wide association and genomic selection studies to unraveling the genetic basis of nitrogen use efficiency in flax (linum usitatissimum l.) s/eCentro de Genómica Nutricional Agroacuícola CGNAFONDECYT
2020Conociendo los vectores de orientia sp.: vigilancia epidemiológica de una enfermedad emergente en Chile s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2020Disentangling the epigenetic influence on fruit development and ripening in three stone fruits (prunus species). s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2020Novel parenteral iron supplementation strategy for a new nutrition for pigs of the future s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2020The llama ovulation-inducing factor (?-NGF) signalling on gnrh neuronesLlamaUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2020Determinación de los impactos de estrés por hipoxia sobre la respuesta inmune innata de corvina (cilus gilberti) mediante la caracterización de marcadores inmunológicos de mucosasCorvinaUniversidad de La Serena, Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Zonas Aridas, CEAZAFONDECYT
2020Role of allelochemical compounds in the ichthyotoxicity of bloom-forming microalgae s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2020Loss of trunk verticality in radiata pine: unraveling the molecular players in dynamic and static bending. s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2020Role of salicylic acid as a modulator of abscisic acid biosynthesis to ameliorate drought stress maintaining photosynthesis and plant growth in maqui (aristotelia Chilensis): a tool to improve fruit yield, quality and water-use efficiency. s/eUniversidad Católica de TemucoFONDECYT
2020Untangling the sea lice microbiome: a potential threat for Chilean salmon farmingSalmónUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2020Proposing the diet for the first stages of development of marine altricial species differentiated by maturity stages s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2020Biosíntesis de poliaminas en debaryomyces hansenii y su rol en el desarrollo larval en pecesGeneral para rubro Peces de agua de marUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2020Uncovering the role of duplicated gene-clusters on the pharmacological resistance of caligus rogercresseyi through whole-genome resequencingSalmón - s/i especie (Rubro Peces de agua de mar)Universidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2020Fuelwood production, off-farm income opportunities and forest degradation in the south of Chile. how do they relate? s/eINFOR Instituto Forestal FONDECYT
2020Molecular and physiological framework to understand the impact of antarctic regional warming on reproductive growth of vascular plant species deschampsia antarctica and colobanthus quitensis. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2020Determinación de las bases fisiológicas de la adaptación de genotipos de trigo candeal de inia a condiciones de sequía en el secano mediterráneo de ChileTrigoINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2020Potential alleviation of copper toxicity in contaminated agricultural soils in central Chile by calcium, magnesium, and zinc amendments s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2020Analysis of fasciola hepatica-induced extracellular traps formation in sheep: implications of this innate immune reaction in the pathogenesis of liver fluke diseaseGeneral para rubro General para Subsector OvinosUniversidad Santo Tomás FONDECYT
2020Genetic, biological and pathogenic assessment of Chilean equine viral arteritis virus (evav) s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2020Efecto producido por el bosque sobre la diversidad, frecuencia de visitas y desempeño fisiológico de visitantes florales de malus domestica y sobre su productividad s/eUniversidad de Los LagosFONDECYT
2020Biotic and abiotic impact of ros scavenging by manganese on lignin degradation in temperate rainforest soils s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2020Silicon: a potential strategy to improve the tolerance to phosphorus deficiency in ryegrass by modulation of phosphorus uptake, phytohormone biosynthesis and plant growth s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2020Seeds as reservoirs and carriers of plant growth-promoting bacteria for Chilean agriculture s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2020Caracterización de la estructura del terroir microbiano asociado a cultivar país y su contribución al perfil aromático del vinoVid viníferaUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2020Reducción genotípica y su impacto sobre la mejora genética del rendimiento de granos en trigo candeal (triticum turgidum l. var. durum) s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2020An "ecophysiolomic" approach to study the genetic, metabolic and physiologic responses of photosynthesis under increasing temperature and drought: towards a comprehensive understanding of c3 and c4 photosynthetic pathways in a changing environment. s/eUniversidad de La Serena, Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Zonas Aridas, CEAZAFONDECYT
2020Tales of virus and host: the importance of environmental forces and immunocompetence on the viral diversity of Chilean pinnipeds s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2020Insect community composition and functional traits within models regarding distinct pesticide managements s/eUniversidad Católica del MauleFONDECYT
2020Development of new extreme bioproducts for Arica and Parinacota Región s/eUniversidad de TarapacáFONDECYT
2020Genomics and pathogenicity phenotyping of the emergent phytopathogen ralstonia solanacearum to understand its interactions with tomato and potato crops s/eUniversidad Técnica Federico Santa María FONDECYT
2020Epidemiological study of strawberry phyllody phytoplasmas in Chile s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2020Assessment of two agroecological practices to enhance biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services of birds and bats in vineyards s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2020Potential threat of the invasive teline monspessulana (l.) k. koch and ulex europaeus l. on native trees of forest interest: a new semiochemical, anatomical and physiological approach s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2020High phlorotannins brown seaweed as a nutritional strategy to reduce non-CO2 gas emissions and improve milk fatty acids profile and nitrogen partitioning of grazing dairy cows s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2020Structure and genetic diversity of tomato (solanum lycopersicum) microbiome in response to host genotypic diversity, different environments and drought stress conditionsTomateUniversidad de La Serena, Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Zonas Aridas, CEAZAFONDECYT
2020The study of the effect of late winter pruning on maturity development, color metabolism, and grapevine quality under temperature increase conditions in the central valley of Chile. s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2020Iso/anisohydric behavior in different cultivars of prunus dulcis: aba, hydraulic and stomatal conductances interactionsGeneral para rubro CarozosUniversidad de O'HigginsFONDECYT
2020Effect of different citrus rootstocks on the physiological parameters and defenses of the mandarin "w. murcott" (citrus reticulata l.) -scion infested with panonychus citri (acari: tetranychidae). s/eUniversidad Arturo PratFONDECYT
2020Intensification of low ph/low oxygen conditions as major oceanographic drivers for near shore bivalve aquaculture. s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2020Prevention alternatives for household food waste in Chile s/eUniversidad Central de ChileFONDECYT
2020Improvements on grazing lamb production system as a modulator of soil ingestion rate and their influence on the concentration of selected environmental pollutants and food safety in lamb meat produced in southern Chile s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2020Melatonin as a modulator of resistance to antitumor drugs in canine mammary cancer stem cells: could it negatively regulate the wnt/beta-catenin pathway? s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2020Interplay of metabolism and innate immunity in bovine endometrium: anti-inflammatory mechanism of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) on endometrial activation s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2020Effect of seminal plasma ngf in the activation of kisspeptin neurons for the triggering of ovulation in llamas s/eUniversidad Católica de TemucoFONDECYT
2019Sensitivity of azamethiphos pesticide commonly used in aquaculture in a global warming scenario: impact on the non-target species ostrea chilensis s/eUniversidad de Los LagosFONDECYT
2019The effect of "nerve growth factor" (beta-NGF) from seminal plasma origin on ovarian and endometrial function in cattle s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2019Analysis of the sulfate response during wheat development to find new pathways of improvement of grain yield and quality s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2019Assessing the effects of polyparasitism involving e. granulosus / f. hepatica or e. granulosus / taenia spp. on the host immune response and echinococcus metacestode fertility s/eUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2019Development of germ cell transplantation in cattle: potential of allogenic bovine mesenchymal stem cells for germ cell transdifferentiation in the bull testis s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019Bioweath: biotic controls on Fe and al dynamics during deep mineral weathering processesAbeja: Abeja de mielUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2019Understanding the crosstalk between differentially activated m1 macrophages and nk cells to improve specific innate immune responses against bacterial or viral pathogens in aquacultured salmonidsSalmónUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2019Comprehensive study of the biological, genetic, and molecular bases and virulence factors for the causative agent of tenacibaculosis in Chilean marine fish, tenacibaculum dicentrarchi: an epidemiological approximation for developing prevention strate s/eUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2019Análisis funcional de una rotamasa involucrada en procesos de termotolerancia en granos de trigo s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2019Canales "gap junction" en el pulgón verde del duraznero (myzus persicae): potencial uso para el control de áfidos.DuraznoUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2019Interrelation between the hydraulic strategy and post-drought recovery capacity of the hydraulic function and gas exchange as biophysical determinants of resilience of six fruit trees species cultivated in arid and semi-arid zone of northern Chile. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019The buzzing sound as a predictor of the identity and efficiency of bees to pollinate blueberry flowersGeneral para rubro ApiculturaUniversidad Católica del MauleFONDECYT
2019Balancing the costs of infection and immune response in a trans-hemispheric host: are long-distance migrants potential spreaders of emerging pathogens? s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2019New approaches of the application of entomopathogenic fungi for a weevil forest pest control in Chile s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2019Assessing the effect of the physicochemical quality of a volcanic ash soil on pasture productivity and soil resilience capacity s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2019Estudio de la actividad antiviral de una formulación en base a variantes de interferón alfa bovino recombinante.General para rubro General para Subsector BovinosUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2019Metabolic profiling of "black spot disorder" in stored hass avocado (persea america mill) fruitPaltoUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2019A behavioral and molecular approach for studying amino acid preferences in broiler chickens in deficiency states s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019Desarrollo de epitipos tolerantes al estrés por altas temperaturas mediante embriogénesis somática y memoria epigenética de fragaria x ananassaFrutillaUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2019Stubborn as a mule: what are they trying to tell us about their welfare state? s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2019Endurecimiento de portainjertos de cerezo a través de la simbiosis con hongos formadores de micorrizas arbusculares: respuesta al estrés hídrico y transferencia de la tolerancia a la variedad injertadaCerezoCentro de Estudios Avanzados en Fruticultura (CEAF)FONDECYT
2019Expresión diferencial de genes de resistencia al frío en frutos de arándano.Arándano: BlueberryUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2019Reconstrucción de la vía metabólica W-3 LC-PUFA de nannochloropsis gaditana mediante el sistema CRISPR/Cas9: producción de DHA para su potencial uso como sustituto al aceite de pescado en alimentos acuícolas.NanoclorisUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2019Promoviendo una relación humano-animal positiva en la industria porcina: el rol del aprendizaje social en la percepción positiva del humano en cerdos de recríaGeneral para rubro General para Subsector PorcinosPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2019Dissecting the photosynthetic (gas exchange, photoinhibition and photoprotection) and senescence responses as well as the carbon costs involved under controlled water deficit in grapevines with contrasting stomatal sensitivities. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019Inclusión de brassica napus y durvillaea antarctica como ingredientes sustentables en la alimentación de trucha arcoíris (oncorhynchus mykiss) y su efecto sobre el metabolismo lipídico del filete s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2019Linkages between water stress response and patterns of c flux in eucalyptus genotypes s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2019The potential use of quinoa seedhull powder, a rich source of saponins and bioactive compounds, as plant biostimulant. s/eUniversidad Arturo PratFONDECYT
2019Rootstocks/scion hydraulic interaction: unraveling the contribution of root apoplastic, symplastic and transcellular water transport pathways on scion physiological performance s/eCentro de Estudios Avanzados en Fruticultura (CEAF)FONDECYT
2019Alterations in mobility, bioavailability, speciation of trace elements in soils of volcanic origin treated with metallic nanoparticles: experimental study in soils (column assay and redox oscillation), soil-plant and geochemical modelling s/eUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2019Caracterización de la respuesta inmune innata en el útero de llamas (llama glama) durante las fases folicular y luteal.LlamaUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2019The role of sucrose transporters and starch accumulation on the onset and release of endodormancy in grapevine buds (vitis vinifera l) s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019Can the directed inoculation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi modifies the profiles and quantity of antioxidant compounds in flesh colored potatoes cropped under drought and p starvation conditions? s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2019Nitrogen-fixing bacterial endophytes from atacama desert plants enhances the growth and water/nutrition-stress tolerance of pinus radiata: implication for mitigating impacts of climate change in forest species s/eUniversidad de AtacamaFONDECYT
2019Study of processing factors on multi-class pesticides residues in fresh vegetables and their associated risk assessments and compliance of maximum residue levels of Chile (MRLS) s/eUniversidad de Las AméricasFONDECYT
2019Seed trait-based species selection for forest restoration across a latitudinal climatic gradient in central ChileGeneral para rubro General para Subsector ForestalUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019Identification of genetic determinants for harvest date in table grapes using genome-wide association mapping. s/eUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2019Technological alternatives to improve the phenolic and flavor quality of red wines s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2019Comparison of transcriptomic and metabolomic intestinal profiles between bacterial probiotic interventions, in trout (oncorhynchus mykiss). in search of tools to improve aquafeed conversion. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019Understanding the epidemiology of avian influenza virus in the interface of wild birds and backyard poultry production in different eco regions of Chile s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019Effects of deficit irrigation and controlled levels of potassium fertilization on the potential impact of the frost phenomenon on the quality of extra virgin olive oil, arbequina variety, grown in Coquimbo Región. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019Characterization of the side-effects of the most commonly used antibiotics for farming salmo salar and oncorhynchus kisutch on fish physiology and evaluation of two strategies for minimizing these side-effects: treatment frequency and diet additives. s/eUniversidad de Los LagosFONDECYT
2019The epidemiology of bacterial kidney disease in farmed salmon in Chile s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2019Development of water stress energy balance indices of vineyards using meteorological data and high-resolution thermal infrared (tir) cameras placed on an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2019How precedent non-mycorrhizal crops affect soil p bioavailability, physiological root traits, and mycorrhizal symbiosis of wheat in a rotation system in volcanic soils of Chile s/eUniversidad Católica de TemucoFONDECYT
2019Microbiota of wild Chilean strawberry: a reservoir of genetic diversity for biological control and plant-growth promotion s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2019Integrating mitigation strategies to decrease methane emissions of dairy cows in pastoral systems s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2019Modelling mixed-species forests: accounting for ecological and climatic drivers in forest growth s/eUniversidad MayorFONDECYT
2019Mapeo genético fino y predicciones genómicas para la crecimiento y sobrevivencia bajo estrés térmico en truchas arcoíris (oncorhynchus mykiss) utilizando genotipos imputados de alta densidadTrucha arcoirisUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019How to reduce softening rates of fresh blueberries at final destination: targeting the time elapsed between harvests according to seasonal environmental conditions s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2019Predisposition: possible phenomenon associated with the mortality of araucaria araucana (mol.) k. koch trees in the cordillera de nahuelbuta" s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2019Study of essential oil nanoformulations of native Chilean plants on a crop-pest system and non-target organisms s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2019Unraveling the trichoderma-plant-pathogen interaction modulated by nitrogen nutrition in solanum lycopersicum s/eUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2019Efecto dual de hongos entomopatógenos nativos como agentes de control biológico de la polilla europea de la vid (lobesia botrana) y su rol como promotores de crecimiento vegetal. s/eUniversidad Católica de la Santísima ConcepciónFONDECYT
2019Gene flow of avian influenza viruses in shorebirds in Chile and assessment of their zoonotic potentialGeneral para rubro General para Subsector AvesUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019Phenolic compound content in japanese plum and peach fruits: genetic dissection of a complex trait s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019The impact of weather variability on wheat and maize production: an improved early warning model for agricultural drought s/eUniversidad MayorFONDECYT
2019Evaluación de la absorción de arsénico inorgánico y otros metales tóxicos en arroz empleando estrategias agronómicas para promover y asegurar la inocuidad alimentariaArrozUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2019The relevance of pedogenic carbonates in the mediterranean Región of Chile as a carbon reservoir s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019Genome editing by crispr/cas9 in the atlantic salmon for functional studies of genes associated to iron metabolism and p. salmonis infection.SalmónPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2019Using coho salmon genomics and transcriptomics for a better understanding of selection, admixture, inbreeding and disease resistance shaping Chilean commercial populations s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2019Assessment of the sustainability of sheep production systems in the semi-arid Región of Chile in the face of climate change scenarios: simulation model and adaptation strategies s/eUniversidad de O'HigginsFONDECYT
2019Development a mass trapping system for males and females capture, based on pheromone and kairomones, to reduce the damage of chilecomadia valdiviana (philipi) (lepidoptera: cossidae) on apple orchards s/eUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2019Development and evaluation of a new decision support rule to optimize fungicides applications to control grey mould in wine grapes s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2019The impact of wildfire severity on soil pyrogenic carbon across contrasting fire-prone ecosystems in central Chile: temporal dynamics and related-effects on soil properties. s/eUniversidad Católica de la Santísima ConcepciónFONDECYT
2019A comprehensive experimental study to understand the effects of fire on soil physical properties related to soil water retention, soil hydrology and erosion s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2019Prophylactic effect of tamoxifen in acute equine asthma: role in the inhibition of airway inflammation s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2019Unravelling the in vivo functions of the alternative oxidase pathway in rhizobium-legume symbiosis s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2019Elucidating the role of plant calcium on gray mold disease (botrytis cinerea) infection on tomatoTomateUniversidad Autónoma de ChileFONDECYT
2019Functional genomics applied to parr-smolt transformation: novel biomarkers for smolt selection in atlantic salmonSalmónUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2019Can probiotics dietary supplementation modify the spermatozoa transcriptome and improve the offspring quality of rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss)? s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2019Stimulation of metabolic hydrogen sinks alternative to methane in rumen fermentation s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2019Developmental studies in reared and natural triatomine populations.the effect of trypanosoma cruzi and seasonal climatic conditions s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2018Resiliencia del patrimonio biocultural alimentario en la Araucanía del sur de Chile s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2018Evolución de la virulencia del fitopatógeno xanthomonas arboricola pv. juglandis por efecto de bacteriófagos: un aspecto relevante en el desarrollo de fagoterapia como alternativa de control. s/eUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2018Role of c-type lectin receptors in the infective process of salmo salar by the infectious salmon anemia virus: implications for strain-specific virulence and fish susceptibility.SalmónUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2018Rol de la proteína sdha de piscirickettsia salmonis durante un proceso infeccioso in vitro s/eUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2018Presencia de alcaloides en sangre, orina y fecas de bovinos alimentados con festuca arundinacea, infectada con hongo endófito, neotyphodium coenophialum y sus efectos sobre la mosca de los cuernos.General para rubro General para Subsector BovinosUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2018Estudio genómico y caracterización de bacterias fitopatógenas resistentes a cobre y antibióticos que afectan cultivos de tomate; desarrollo de una estrategia de control alternativa basada en fagoterapia. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2018Establecimiento de un modelo funcional in vitro de endometrio bovino 3d sobre una matriz artificial.General para rubro General para Subsector BovinosUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2018Evaluation of biological activity of semipolar extract obtained from in vitro induced callus of native species drimys winteri var. Chilensis (canelo) and leptocarpha rivularis (palito negro)Palo Negro - CaneloUniversidad Autónoma de ChileFONDECYT
2018Especies cripticas y desconocidas de escamas (hemiptera: diaspididae) en Chile: un desafió para la agricultura y el control biológico s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2018Genetic factors underlying the role of gibberellin in sweet cherry (prunus avium) fruit maturity delay.CerezoUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2018Mecanismo de evasión de la apoptosis por el virus de la diarrea viral bovina bvdv-1 a través de la inducción de a20 s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Mejoramiento genético de las características post-cosecha relacionadas con el endulzamiento inducido por frío en tubérculos de papa, mediante el uso de la tecnología de edición de genoma crispr/cas9.PapaINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2018La domesticación en murtilla reduce la emisión de compuestos volátiles inducidos asociados a interacciones tri-tróficasMurta: MurtillaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2018Modelización de la fenología de diferentes combinaciones portainjerto-variedad de la especie vitis vinifera: una herramienta para adaptarse al cambio climático. s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2018Estudio de la calidad del adn y expresión génica en espermatozoides criopreservados de salmón del atlántico (salmo salar) y seriola (seriola lalandi) para establecer un control y trazabilidad del desarrollo embrionaria.Salmón - DoradoUniversidad Católica de TemucoFONDECYT
2018Estudio y desarrollo de una formulación nanoencapsulada para el tratamiento inmuno-estimulante de il-18 en ganado porcino.General para rubro General para Subsector PorcinosUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2018Identification and functional analysis of appetite regulatory neuropeptides of cilus gilberti: physiological markers for the domestication of corvina. s/eUniversidad de La Serena, Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Zonas Aridas, CEAZAFONDECYT
2018Studies on the photo protection of wood using photocatalytic nano-particles s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2018Understanding how drought stress affects water uptake capacity at different developmental zones along the length of grapevine fine roots s/eUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2018Analysis of cuticular composition and biosynthesis in highbush blueberries and their influence on texture changes during development and postharvest s/eUniversidad de Los LagosFONDECYT
2018The potential of uneven-aged silviculture to enhance structural complexity in nothofagus pumilio forests in northern patagonia s/eUniversidad de AyséFONDECYT
2018Ecology of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases-producing escherichia coli at the interface between livestock and wildlife s/eUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2018Chilean cool-climate sauvignon blanc identity: constructing a chemical and sensory typicality of grapes and wines within Casablanca, San Antonio and Leyda valleys s/eUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2018Physiological status at harvest: key to predict postharvest ripening behaviour of Chilean hass avocadoPaltoUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2018The role of acetate on the regulation of milk synthesis and nutrient partitioning in the dairy cow. s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2018Evaluating canopy resistance under deficit irrigation to directly simulate evapotranspiration in potato for water-limited conditions s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2018Dynamic modelling of kiwifruit pollination (actinidia spp.): effect of temperature on pollen donors and the effective pollination period (epp)KiwiUniversidad de O'HigginsFONDECYT
2018Biodiversity of bacterial metacommunities in ticks: understanding the interaction of hosts and environment at the wildlife/domestic interface s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Understanding the effect of fires on non-mutualistic diazotrophic population structure in mediterranean native forest soils: towards ecosystem services and natural resilience restoration s/eUniversidad de O'HigginsFONDECYT
2018Environment-host-pathogen association in leptospira spp infecting wild and domestic mammals from mediterranean Chile s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2018Breaking the gaps in the knowledge of ibs as a key factor for promoting the national public and animal health: epidemiologic and microbiologic characterization of s. enterica and stec in animals raised in a high-risk population from central Chile. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2018What do we know about the current situation of brucella canis in Chile?: phylogenetic and virulence characterization of its circulating population in santiago, valdivia and temuco. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2018Paposo valley metabolomics part ii: isolation, bioactivity, informatics and identification of bioactive compounds from endemic plants of the atacama desert s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Identifying agronomical and morpho-physiological traits associated to high-yield potential of winter wheat s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2018Role of mpf and mapk pathways in bovine oocyte activated by anisomycin and its effect on preimplantation embryonic development.General para rubro General para Subsector BovinosUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2018Study of the flagellar dynamic in the spermatozoa of fish to improve reproductive efficiency in Chilean aquaculture.General para rubro General para Subsector Peces (agua de mar)Universidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2018Effect of salt-tolerant rootstocks issued from interspecific cross between cultivated and wild-relative halophyte tomato on physiological, agronomic and fruit quality attributes in old limachino tomato plants under saline growing conditions. s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2018Increasing crop diversity at the farm scale: the role of cover crops on the biological control of myzus persicae s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2018Role of taxonomic and functional diversity of coccinellids on biological control of aphids in alfalfa, and how they are affected by landscape context s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2018From individualism to collective action for water resources conservation: its impacts and implications s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2018The ovejero magallanico dog: genomic architecture, interbreed relationships and gene mutation tracking using next generation sequencing s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Growing in the dark: the role of light-inducible genes in carotenoid biosynthesis regulation in carrot storage roots. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2018Understanding the role of global change in forest dynamics of endemic trees in central Chile: generating knowledge for their conservation and restoration s/eUniversidad MayorFONDECYT
2018Biochemical and functional characterization of biofilm matrix-derived outer membrane vesicles and its role as a mechanism for antibiotic resistance and bacterial virulence in piscirickettsia salmonis s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Etiology and epidemiology of botryosphaeria wood cankers in apple trees. ¿a fungal disease that limits export of apple fruits in Chile? s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2018A study of the association of colonizing proteaceae species with cushion plants as restoration models on recent volcanic deposits: the role of cluster root formation and carboxylates exudation on the rhizospheric microbiota and soil nutrient availabi s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Landraces of alfalfa as a source of germplasm tolerant to abiotic stresses: selecting plant-rhizobia genotypes for a harsh future environment s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2018Agricultural value of bromus valdivianus phil. as a pasture species s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Bypassing soil nitrogen cycling to increase nitrogen use efficiency in pastures s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2018Assessing the ecophysiological and molecular basis of the functional symbiosis: extremophile fungal-endophytes improve the yield and drought tolerance in crops s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2018The meja application effect on endogenous aba and auxins of vaccinium corymbosum plants and its role in the al-resistance and wd-avoidance mechanisms under aluminum toxicity and water deficit episodes s/eUniversidad de AyséFONDECYT
2018Improving accuracy in the timing of smolt transfer and their performance in seawater: a comparative study of several molecular markers expressed in gills of atlantic salmon through real-time pcr. s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Development of a boar semen cryopreservation medium by modulating oxidative/nitrosative stress and neutrophil extracellular traps (nets): impact on sperm function and reproductive outcomeGeneral para rubro General para Subsector PorcinosUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2018Assessing freshwater health in the context of global change: an approach using invasive species and molecular epidemiology s/eUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2018Epidemiological impact of behavioral modification in triatomines by trypanosoma cruzi: effect of the parasite load and discrete typing units (dtus). s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2018D (-) lactic acid triggers fibroblast-like synoviocytes activity, a hallmark in the pathophysiology of neutrophilic polysynovitis in cattle with acute ruminal acidosis. s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Role of organic phosphorus and C:N:P stoichiomestry in smart and sustainable agriculture in volcanic soils s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2018Identificación y caracterización de componentes del complejo inflamosoma en salmón del atlántico (salmo salar), y su efecto en la modulación de la respuesta inmunológica frente a una infección viral y bacteriana s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Wines of the variety pais in conditions rainfed: influence of the locality, location of the vineyard and aging in blend, on the sensorial quality and the aromatic and chemical characteristics. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2018Salmonella-bacteriophage coevolution and their genetic modifications during lifestyle cycles of salmonella on non-host (water and soil) and host environments (chickens) s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2018Understanding the anthocyanin synthesis of table grape berries: developing opportunities for its manipulation s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2018Effect of the tripartite interaction water availability-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi-p fertilization on the formononetin content and hylastinus obscurus population in red clover plants (trifolium pratense l). s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2018Irrigation of pasture systems on volcanic ash soils in southern Chile: effects on pasture productivity, water use efficiency and soil structure dynamics s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Understanding the dynamics of calcium and nitrogen uptake from foliar applications in sweet cherry during fruit development s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2018Predation risk in rodents: assessing its effect on behavior, physiological stress and andes hantavirus prevalence in oligoryzomys longicaudatus s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2018Critical analysis on the use of modified clays as effective barriers in soils to avoid the leaching of polar and persistent degradation products of pesticides intensively used in Chile and worldwide agriculture. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2018Elucidation of the nature of a bitter flavor that affects quality of sweet cherry (prunus avium l. cv. regina) during fruit maturation and storage s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Cryopreservation of mesenchymal stem cells from domestic animals: development of specie- and source-specific protocols for therapeutic applications s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Abiotic and biotic oxidation of organic matter mediated by iron and manganese reduction in humid temperate rainforest soils s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2018New tools for the control of pathogens in the salmon industry: copper complex formed with compounds of natural origin with potential immunostimulant and/or antimicrobial activity s/eUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2018Auto-inducer molecules as regulators of growing in antarctic vascular plant as useful tool for increase vegetable response to nutrient limitation. s/eUniversidad Autónoma de ChileFONDECYT
2018Root system architecture traits of lagenaria siceraria are key phenes for selection under drought stress condition in grafted plants of watermelon (citrullus lanatus) s/eUniversidad de O'HigginsFONDECYT
2018Phenotypic stability and acclimation to water stress of ecophysiological and growth traits in clones of aristotelia chilensis (maqui): toward the development of a physiological-based ideotype s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2018The role of genetic diversity in the success of mastrus ridens as a biological control agent of the codling moth and in its adaptation to new environments s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2018Xanthomonas arboricola pv. corylina: polyphasic characterization, and virulence factors associated with its pathogenicity in european hazelnut (corylus avellana l.) in Chile.Avellano europeoUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2018Identificación y validación de nuevos biomarcadores de estrés térmico en congrio colorado (genypterus Chilensis) por medio de transcriptomica, un modelo para la diversificación acuícola en Chile. s/eUniversidad de Las AméricasFONDECYT
2018Caracterización epigenética e identificación de clones usando marcadores asociados a regiones diferencialmente metiladas en el genoma de vitis vinifera cv. "cabernet sauvignon"Vid viníferaUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2018Obtención y análisis de proteomas en poblaciones de caligus rogercresseyi:una nueva estrategia para identificar blancos terapéuticos específicos s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2018Fertilization and water stress: effects on soluble and insoluble-bound bioactive phenolics of durum wheat (triticum turgidum l.var. durum) and chickpea (cicer arietinum) s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2018Interspecies interactions and disease transmission dynamics between domestic and wild canids at the wildlife-domestic interface s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Searching For New Model Species Towards Adapting Crops to Aridification: Mechanistic Bases For Escaping the Trade-Off Between Photosynthesis and Drought Tolerance s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Development of a Ssr Markers Set Associated with Berry Size Suitable For Routine Screening and Early Selection in Table Grape Breeding Programs, as a Model For Complex Traits in Woody SpeciesVid de mesaINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2017Draft Genome Sequencing and Pathogenic Effector Study of a Phytoplasma Strain in Chilean StrawberryFrutilla chilena o frutilla blancaUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Spatial and bathymetric dynamics of lithodes santolla (decapoda, lithodidae) (molina 1782) in channels of southern Chile: basis for fishery management s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Secretion of microvesicles and exosomes by bovine pre-implantation embryos: implications for a new mechanism of embryo-maternal cross-talk s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Influence of Drought On the Efficiency of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis in Phosphorus Acquisition by Plants Growing in Andisols From Southern Chile: Wheat as a Crop Model s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Epidemiología de la co-infección de caligus rogercresseyi y piscirickettsia salmonis en salmónidos de cultivo en Chile s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Proteomic Tools to Understand the Biofertilization Mechanisms of Accd-Producing Phosphobacteria On Lolium Perenne Grown in Acid Volcanic Soils s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Development of Climate-Resilient Bio-Inoculants of Plant Growth Promoting Yeast to Improve the Production of Horticultural Crops in la Araucanía RegionGeneral para rubro Hortalizas de fruto - General para rubro Hortalizas de HojaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Manipulating the pge2-ep2 receptor axis of equine mesenchymal stem cells as a strategy to improve their migrating, homing and biological potential in vitroGeneral para rubro General para Subsector EquinosUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Role of genetic variability in the tolerance to soybean meal-based diets: from the study of zebrafish to farmed fish species. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Phytohormones and Its Association with Resistance Mechanisms to al and Mn Toxicity in Highbush Blueberry Cultivars Growing in Acid Soil: a Strategy For Improving Yield and Fruit Quality of Plants. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Effect of dietary lipids on milk fat synthesis in dairy cows: a nutrigenomic approach s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2017Rol de los receptores purinérgicos y atp en la activación del neutrófilo de bovino inducido por nefas s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Phytoprostanes Role in Oxidative Stress Events On Apples: a Potential Biomarker For Early Prediction of Physiological DisordersManzanoUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Bacteria from the genus borrelia associated to lyme disease and relapsing fever in ticks of Chile. s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Ecological interactions in patagonian rangelands between sheep livestock and wild guanaco: competition, facilitation or resource partitioning? s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Accounting of Land use as a Natural Resource by Integrating Thermodynamics with Ecology Principles s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Contribution of Native Bacteria and Fungi to Alleviate Stress in Soil Degraded by Heavy Metals and Drought: Evaluation of Plant Growth Promotion, Tolerance Mechanisms and Rhizosphere Interactions s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017An Integrative Approach to Understand Surface Pitting in Sweet CherryCerezoUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2017Unveiling immunity trade-offs at critical developmental stages in scallops: role of dietary pufas and its potential use in aquaculture s/eUniversidad Católica del NorteFONDECYT
2017Transmisión de trypanosoma cruzi en Chile: caracterización molecular y temporal de vectores y reservorios. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Unveiling the anthelmintic mechanisms of a bioactive forage with activity against parasitic nematodes of veterinary importance s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Epigenoma de la infección con el virus de la necrosis pancreática infecciosa (ipnv) en salmón del atlántico (salmo salar): identificación de marcadores epigenéticos para el desarrollo de blancos terapéuticos. s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Emergence of novel influenza a h1n1, h1n2 and h3n2 reassortant viruses in swine in Chile: revealing its origin, antigenic diversity, distribution and new introductions in intensive pig production. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Generación de Plantas de Lactuca Sativa L. Resistentes al Pardeamiento Mediante la Edición del Gen que Codifica para la Enzima Ppo Utilizando la Tecnología Crispr/Cas 9.LechugaPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2017Aplicación biotecnológica de flagelina y péptidos derivados como adyuvante e inmunoestimulante en s. salar durante inmunización e infección con p. salmonis.SalmónUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Integrating Crop Simulation Models, Ground Observations, and Remote Sensing Data to Improve the Estimation of Actual Evapotranspiration s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2017The Role of Genetic Diversity in the Success of the Parasitoid Mastrus Ridens as a Biological Control Agent and in Its Adaptation to New Environments s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2017Characterization of biofilm formation by piscirickettsia salmonis and study of its effect on virulence in controlled infections of salmonid species. s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Oxidative Stress as a Master Regulator in Trade-Offs Between Productivity and Stress Tolerance in Terrestrial Plants: New Model Species For Studying Mechanisms of Future Interest to CropsGeneral para rubro General para Subsector AgrícolaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Root-Microbe Interactions in Monocultures and Wheat/Lupin Intercrops Under Different Patterns of Nutrient AvailabilityTrigoUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Assessment of the Performance of Proximal Sensing Ir-Based Physiological Indexes to Monitor the Physiological Effects of Water Depletion in Two Drip-Irrigated Commercial Cherry Tree CultivarsGeneral para rubro General para Subsector AgrícolaUniversidad Católica del MauleFONDECYT
2017Estudio del Gen Dsx de Lobesia Botrana como posible Herramienta para la Generación de un Sistema de Expresión Hembra-Específico Aplicable al Control de la PlagaPolilla del racimo de la Vid - General para rubro Viñas y Vides - Vid de mesaINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2017Pathogen-induced immune-like response of fish skeletal muscle: stress-induced immunosuppression and growth impairment s/eUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2017Efecto de la Homogenización del Paisaje en el Centro-Sur de Chile sobre la Provisión de Servicios Ecosistémicos a Través de la Dinámica Espacio Temporal del PaisajeGeneral para rubro General para Subsector GeneralUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Chilean Deformed Wing Virus (Dwv) Population Diversity Related to the Management of Varroa Destructor and Studies How the Native Pollen Interferes with Viral Transmission in Honey Bee s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Caracterización Funcional de los Genes Efectores Implicados en la Virulencia de Pseudomonas Syringae Pv. Actinidiae: Bacteria Causante de la Enfermedad del Cancro en las Plantas de Kiwi.KiwiUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2017Etiology, Epidemiology and Control of Calyx-End Rot and Gray Mold in Apples of Exportation in the Maule Region, ChileManzanoUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Potential latitudinal bioinvasion of recent described alien mussel species and their effects on the Chilean mussel growing aquaculture industry: recruitment, physiology, growth and survival differences among indigenous, alien and hybrid mussels s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Efecto de las Asociaciones Vegetales y de la Incidencia de Incendios Forestales sobre las Comunidades de Hongos Micorrícicos Arbusculares Asociados a la Rizosfera de Araucaria Araucana s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Functional Symbiosis as Tool For Pest Control in Cereal Crops s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Natural Forest Islands in a Matrix of Forestry Plantations: a Refuge of Biodiversity and an Opportunity For Restoration. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Unraveling the control of oocyte and cumulus cell cross-talking in canines: role of in vivo and in vitro paracrine factors s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Is Nitrosation an Important Mechanism of Organic Nitrogen Sequestration in Temperate Rainforest Soils? a Comparison Between Andean and Coastal Mountains in Southern-Central Chile s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Genomic Prediction For Complex Traits in Eucalyptus: Genomic-Assisted Tree Improvement Using Genome-Wide Molecular Marker Information s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Enhancing the System of Sodium Exclusion of the Leaves During Salt Stress in Crop Plants s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017From Qtls to Qtns: Identifying the Most Favorable Alleles For Assisted Selection of Quality Traits in Table Grapes and Their Interaction with Growth RegulatorsVid de mesaINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2017Molecular Genetic and Epigenomic Analyses of Sweet Cherry Fruit Ripening: Exploring the Modulatory Role of the Plant Growth Regulator Abscisic Acid in This ProcessCerezoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017The Impact of Technical Assistance On Technology Adoption and Productivity: Does the Heterogeneity of Extension Providers Affect Farm Performance? s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Importancia de la Carga Frutal y el Estrés Hídrico en el Intercambio Gaseoso y Calidad de Fruta de Arándano (Vaccinium Corymbosum L.) y Cerezo (Prunus Avium L.). una Interpretación Usando Modelos Basados en ProcesosCerezo - Arándano: BlueberryUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Revealing the Mechanisms of Aluminum Accumulation and Phosphorus Solubilization of Gevuina Avellana Growing in the Temperate Rainforest of Southern Chile: Is This Species Playing a Role in Helping Other Neighboring Plants?Avellano chilenoUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Improving illness detection and management practices in pasture-based transition dairy cows through the utilization of behaviorGeneral para rubro Bovinos de lecheUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017The Effect of Land use Change On the Biogenic Greenhouse Gas Budget in Agroecosystems of Northern Chiloé s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Unveiling the Bases of Temperature Modulation in Ethylene Response On Avocado: Another Chilling Dilemma For Fruit Ripening?PaltoINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2017Endolisinas como una Alternativa Bactericida Contra Pseudomonas Syringae Pv Syringae. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017How the Land use Intensity Affects the Structure, Composition and Functionality of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Communities: Using Agricultural Systems in Acidic Andisols as a Model of Study. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Improving the Agricultural Waste Composting Through the Supply of Nanoclays and Biochar to Be Used as Amendment in a Sustainable Grassland Management s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Assessment of ante-mortem inspection and condemnation in chilean slaughter pigs to support the use of meat inspection as an animal health and welfare diagnostic toolCerdo comercial: GordosUniversidad de O'HigginsFONDECYT
2017An assessment of domestic cats and land use changes as drivers of pathogen pollution into rivers and the sea. toxoplasma gondii as a model zoonotic pathogen and otters (lontra felina, lontra provocax) as indicator species of ecosystem health. s/eUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2017Understanding the structure and dynamics of the diversity of the microbiome and resistome of red cusk eel genypterus Chilensis reared larvae fed with medicated and un-medicated live feed by using culturable- and metanogenomic-based approaches s/eUniversidad Católica del NorteFONDECYT
2017Role of pamps treatment and the pro-inflammatory response in the activation of atrophy signaling pathways in skeletal muscle of rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss) s/eBlue Genomics Chile SPAFONDECYT
2017Identificación de Marcadores Bioquímicos de Tolerancia a Estrés Hídrico en Trigo (Triticum Aestivum L.) y Su Estimación a Través de EspectroradiometríaTrigoUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Evaluation of antiviral effect of flavonoid alpinone against infectious pancreatic necrosis virus: an immunomodulator for farmed salmonid health s/eUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2017Disease resistance in atlantic salmon: understanding mechanisms that explain resistance and tolerance to co-infection of the sea lice caligus rogercresseyi and the bacteria piscirickettsia salmonis.SalmónUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2017Contribución de la Microbiota Rizosférica a la Tolerancia de Solanum Lycopersicum al Déficit Hídrico y Su Efecto sobre el Sistema Radical.TomateUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Studies of Gut Parasites Nosema Ceranae and Lotmaria Passim Interaction and Effects of Flavonoids On Survival, Gut Microbiome, Immunity and Physiological-Related Biomarkers in Infected HoneybeesGeneral para rubro ApiculturaUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Efecto Insecticida y Repelente de Aceites Esenciales Encapsulados por la Técnica "Layer-By-Layer" para el Control de Plagas Agrícolas. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Does hair s fatty acids a predictor of fatty acid profile on ruminant products? s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017The Role of Photoperiod Flowering Genes in the Latitudinal Adaptation of Quinoa (Chenopodium Quinoa Willd.).QuinoaPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2017Ripening Regulation of the Chilean Strawberry Fruit: Roles of Hormones and Molecular Regulators s/eUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2017Towards a functional microbiota for sustainable aquaculture - the effect of vegetal diet and host response. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Influencia de la nutrición pre y postnatal sobre la conducta alimentaria y rendimiento productivo de cerdos postdestete s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Uncovering Plant Hormone Signaling in Nitrate-Defense Response Interaction in TomatoTomatePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2017The role of rodents in the distribution of trichinella sp. in ChileGeneral para rubro General para Subsector Otros pecuariosUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2017Rhizosphere Interactions On Wheat Plants Grown Under Drought Conditions as a Strategy to Optimize Water use Efficiency: Importance of Potassium Uptake s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2017Physiological Mechanisms and Key Genes Associated with the Regulation of Kernel Weight-Grain Number Interaction and Temperature Response in Rapeseed (Brassica Napus L.) s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2017Assessing Spatio-Temporal Impacts of Global Change On Water and Biomass Production Processes at Catchment Scale: a Synergistic Approach Based On Remote Sensing and Coupled Hydrological Models to Improve Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Revealing the role of the animal-environment interface as a reservoir of shiga toxin-producing escherichia coli strains in the metropolitan region: animal and environmental health as promoters of national public health s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Study of Different Technological Strategies to Increase the Quality of Chilean Sparkling Wines Produced by Traditional Method. s/eViña Santa Carolina S.A.FONDECYT
2017Identification of the quantitative genetic basis and genomic architecture for growth under chronic heat stress in rainbow trout: getting ready for climate change s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2017Sistemas de cultivo en recirculación afectan el proceso de desarrollo de reproductores de salmón del atlántico (salmo salar) generando larvas con defectos.SalmónPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2016Sensorialidad Vibratoria en Organismos Modulares: Detección de Vibraciones de Distinto Origen y Respuestas Químicas en Nicotiana Tabacum (Solanaceae)TabacoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Bases genéticas y moleculares de caracteres de la calidad del fruto en el género prunusGeneral para rubro CarozosUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Effects of Incorporation of Polyphenol-Containing Liposomes on Film Forming Suspension Properties During Liquid Drop Impact. Application to Coating Formation on Heated/Cooled Food SurfacesGeneral para rubro General para Subsector AcuícolaUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2016Identification of 16Sriii-J Phytoplasma Phytopathogenic Factorss/i especie (General para Subsector Agrícola)Universidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Interaction Between the Inhibition of Ruminal Methanogenesis and Microbial Protein Production in the RumenGeneral para rubro General para Subsector Cérvidos - General para rubro General para Subsector Bovinos - General para rubro General para Subsector Camélidos - General para rubro General para Subsector Caprinos - General para rubro General para Subsector OvinosINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2016Optimal Production of Safe Polyphenol Extracts from Agroindustrial Wastess/i especie (General para Subsector Agrícola)Pontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2016Nanoencapsulation of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Pungency Alkaloids Using Nanosponges as Carrier Model to Deliver Lipophilic Compounds of High Biological ValueGeneral para rubro General para Subsector AcuícolaUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Relationship Between Growth Rate and N Metabolism in Grafted Tomato PlantsTomatePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2016Evaluación del establecimiento de notro para la estabilización de depósitos volcánicos recientes. rol de la formación de raíces proteoídeas tempranas bajo limitación nutricional (N y P) usando poblaciones contrastantes. s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016The Effect of Feeding Fresh Alfalfa Or a Fresh Mixed Diet of Annual Ryegrass and Berseem Clover on Milk Yield and Quality, Rumen Characteristics and Methane Emissions of Dairy Cows During the Winter Period.s/i especie (Rubro Bovinos de leche)Pontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2016Estudio del Rol de Vesículas de Membrana Externa de Piscirickettsia Salmonis y Sus Efectores/Factores de Virulencia para el Desarrollo de una Terapia Protectora e Inmuno-Estimulante en Salmón del Atlántico y Trucha Arcoíris.Salmón - Trucha arcoirisUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2016Prolonged Release of Natural Active Compounds for Improving Shelf Life of a Dairy Food Matrix: Effect of Structure Obtained by Different Encapsulation ProcessBovino para lecheUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2016Transmission of P. Salmonis and Francisella Sp from Farmed Salmon to Native Fish Species and Vice-Versa: Possible New Routes of Spreading High Risk Pathogens for Aquaculture.SalmónUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016Suplementación de ovejas durante el período de transición, como una estrategia para incrementar la sobrevida de los corderos post nacimiento s/eUniversidad MayorFONDECYT
2016Design of Sensing-Electrodes with Renewable Surface for Detecting Analytes of Interest in the Food Industry. Determination of the Role of Each Element of the Composite-Electrode in the Global Response.General para rubro General para Subsector AcuícolaUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2016Estudio de los Mecanismos de Tolerancia y de Promoción del Crecimiento Vegetal en Microorganismos Rizosféricos Asociados a Plantas Autóctonas de Zonas con Restricciones Hídricass/i especie (Rubro Bosque nativo)Universidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Dissecting the Genetic Architecture of Color Inheritance in Sweet Cherry (P. Avium L.) Fruit (Skin and Flesh) by the Means of Qtls, Eqtls and Expression of Key-Candidate Genes, During Ripening.CerezoINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2016Influencia de la heterogeneidad del paisaje sobre la actividad de murciélagos insectívoros y el servicio de control biológico de plagas en viñedos de Chile centralVid viníferaUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Piscirickettsia Salmonis Fur-Mediated Iron HomeostasisSalmónUniversidad MayorFONDECYT
2016The Role of Mitochondrial Metabolism and Its Relation with Photosynthesis and Aluminum Resistance (Al3+) in Highbush Blueberry (Vaccinium Corymbosum L.) Grown in Acid Soil of Southern Chile.Arándano: BlueberryUniversidad Católica de TemucoFONDECYT
2016Physiological, biochemical and molecular approaches to manganese toxicity and phosphorus supply in two lolium perenne cultivars. s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Nuevas Estrategias Tecnológicas para la Expresión Recombinante de Antígenos Veterinarios en la Yema del Huevo de PolloPolloUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Unveiling the Luteotrophic Effect of the Ovulation Inducing Factor Nerve Growth Factor Present in the Seminal Plasma of LlamasLlamaUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016Influence of different sugar sources on the biological agent aphelinus mali to control eriosoma lanigerum on apple orchards in ChileManzanoUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2016Mitigación del Conflicto Carnívoros-Ganadería en Patagonia: una Aproximación desde la EcologíaGeneral para rubro General para Subsector PecuarioUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Application of Ohmic Heating, Vacuum Impregnation and an Enriched Osmotic Solution -with Bioactive Compounds- to obtain High Value Added Osmo-Dehydrated Apple Plates in a Short Processing TimeManzanoUniversidad del Bío BíoFONDECYT
2016Effects of Tamoxifen on Pro-Resolutive Mechanisms of Inflammation in Horses with Recurrent Airway Obstructions/i especie (General para Subsector Equinos)Universidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016Fertility status and protoscolex production in hydatid cysts of echinococcus granulosus in ruminant is positive modulated by fasciola hepatica co-infection s/eUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2016Análisis integrativo del efecto de incrementos térmicos en el tamaño y peso de grano en trigos de diferente ploidía s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016A novel method to decontaminate mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in bovine milk: effectiveness, efficiency and viability of the use of copper ions for infection control in dairy herds. s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016Characterization of fruit development and identification of potential bioactives compounds in plums, peach and sweet cherry through conventional breeding and molecular techniques s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Búsqueda de metabolitos con actividad botricida en la especie antártica colobanthus quitensis (kunth) bartl. s/eUniversidad de Santiago de ChileFONDECYT
2016Wrky tf: are they working for abiotic stress resistance in eucalyptus globulus? s/eUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Coping styles in horses: should we consider them when choosing welfare indicators? s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Identification of Biomarkers Associated with Mealiness in Peach Using Mqtl and MeqtlDuraznoUniversidad Nacional Andrés BelloFONDECYT
2016Generación de una estrategia a través de crispr/cas9 para el estudio de los factores asociados a la resistencia genética a p. salmonis en salmón del atlántico.SalmónUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Development of Plant-Growth-Promoting-Endophytic-Bacteria Consortia to Improve the Growth and Abiotic Stress Tolerance of Small Cereals Grown in Southern Chiles/i especie (General para Subsector Cultivos y Cereales)Universidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Deriving and validating pedotransfer functions to estimate hydraulic properties of chilean soils: a hierarchical input data approach s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2016Capacitation of stallion sperm: effects on the in vitro production of embryos generated by conventional in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Process Intensification for Recovery of Polyphenols from Grape Marc by Integration of Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction and Membrane FractionationVid viníferaUniversidad Tecnológica MetropolitanaFONDECYT
2016Genetic Improvement of Durum Wheat (Triticum Turgidum L.Var Durum) Grain Quality Using International and National GermplasmTrigoPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2016Massive defoliation in patagonian forests: untangling the ecological mechanisms driving insect outbreak dynamics s/eUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016Soil, house dust, locally grown vegetables, and drinking water as environmental media of human exposure to trace elements in Puchuncaví (Chile) s/eUniversidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2016Tolerancia al déficit hídrico en plantas de cerezo (prunus cerasus l.) injertadas: relación entre mecanismos de hidráulica de planta, reparto de carbono y eficiencia en el uso del agua.CerezoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Caracterización Funcional de Promotores de Genes de Prunus con Potencial Aplicación Biotecnológica en el Mejoramiento de Portainjertos en Respuesta a Estreses Abióticos.General para rubro CarozosINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2016Flowering induction in sweet cherry (prunus avium l.): a deep insight into the transcriptome and hormonal regulation of floral bud development. s/eCentro de Estudios Avanzados en Fruticultura (CEAF)FONDECYT
2016Toxicological effects of lipophilic toxins produced by harmful algal blooms on farmed (salmon salar) and endemic fishes (merluccius australis and genypterus chilensis) in austral fjords from the Aysen Región. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016A Novel Combination of Technologies, Freeze-Drying and Co2-Laser Perforation, to Reduce Drying-Time and Energy Consumption of Berries Freeze-Drying Processing: Optimization Through a Descriptive Mathematical Model.s/i especie (Rubro Berries)Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María FONDECYT
2016Drying behavior of eucalyptus nitens for solid wood products s/eUniversidad del Bío BíoFONDECYT
2016Estudio de la composición lipídica de la membrana de espermatozoides de salmon del atlantico (salmo salar) y su relación con la funcionalidad espermática s/eUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Servicios ecosistémicos en cuencas hidrográficas dominadas por bosques de nothofagus dombeyi: un análisis para la conservación bajo escenarios de cambio climático en el centro-sur de Chile. s/eUniversidad Autónoma de ChileFONDECYT
2016Role of Silicon Fertilization on Photosynthetic Performance and Production of High Antioxidant- Or Structural- Phenolic Compounds in Cereals Grown Under Phosphorus Deficiency in Andisols: a Novel Strategy to Optimize Grain Yield and Food NutritionalCebada chilena - Trigo - s/i especie (General para Subsector Cultivos y Cereales)Universidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016An Integrative Approach to Study How Variations in Light Conditions Affect the Nutritional Quality of Tomato Fruits.TomateUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Assessment of Nutritional Characteristics, Functional Properties and Biological Potential Activities of Three Selected Edible Seaweeds Subjected to Different Drying ProcessesGeneral para rubro Macroalgas (agua de mar)Universidad de La SerenaFONDECYT
2016Are Vibrio Species a Real Threat on Natural and Farmed Bivalve Mollusks Under Environmental Variable Conditions Focus on Harmful Algae Bloom and others Potentials Key Components, which Could Increase Massive Mortality?Almeja julianaUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016Susceptibility of salmon macrophages to piscirickettsia salmonis infection: effects of cholesterol availability and distribution s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Adapting Crop Production to Climate Change: Genome-Wide Association Study (Gwas) of Genes/Qtl Underlying Drought Tolerance in Linseed (Linum Usitatissimum L.)Lino o linazaCentro de Genómica Nutricional Agroacuícola CGNAFONDECYT
2016Aislamiento, Caracterización y Síntesis de Ciclótidos Extraídos desde Plantas Medicinales de Chile, con Potencial Uso Terapéuticos/i especie (Rubro Plantas medicinales, aromáticas y especias)Pontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoFONDECYT
2016Linking biodiversity and ecosystem processes across spatial scales: functional responses of cavity-nesting avian communities to wildfires in andean temperate forests s/ePontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2016An integral approach to assess the impact of monk parakeets in Santiago: ecological and public health implications of a neglected invasive species in Chile. s/eUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Impact of the application of fertilizers on the uptake and accumulation of perchlorate in traditional cultivations of national interest: soil dynamic and predictions over time. s/eINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
2016Early performance of native tree species following restoration of burned and degraded forests of Chiloé island, north Patagonia. s/eINFOR Instituto Forestal FONDECYT
2016How Mycorrhizal Symbiosis Modifies Wheat Root Traits and Improves Phosphorus Acquisition Efficiency in High P Fixing Soils: Challenges for Local BreedersTrigoUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Fish Intestine Mirnome: Disentangling the Micrornas Role Between Host and Microbiota Interplaying in Atlantic Salmon Fed with Functional DietsSalmónUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Unraveling the Previously Unculturable Rhizobacterial Taxa Associated with Cereal Crops Grown in Chilean Andisol and their Potential as Pgprs/i especie (rubro Cereales)Universidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Biopesticide Formulation from Botanical Products to Control Tomato Pathogens Using Nanotechnologies.TomateUniversidad Técnica Federico Santa María FONDECYT
2016Fatty Acid Composition and Meat Quality Traits in Suffolk Down Breed Is Associated to Polymorphisms in Fasn and Scd1 Genes?Ovino Raza Suffolk DownUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Microencapsulated Probiotic Bacteria by Spray Drying as Functional Ingredient with Anticariogenic Bacterial Activity: Optimizing Process Conditions and of the Encapsulating Solution Compositions/i especie (General para Subsector Agrícola)Universidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016The Aggressiveness of an Introduced Pest Species: Role of Facultative Endosymbionts in the Myzus Persicae ComplexDuraznoUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2016Metabolic Profiling and Gene Expression Involved in Superficial Scald Development on Pears: Potential for New Biomarkers to Predict Its Occurrence PostharvestPeralUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2016Effects of Soil Mineral -Organic Interactions on the Long Term Soil Carbon Stability in Temperate Forest Systems -To What Extent Does Soil Mineralogy Modulate Carbon Turnover in Natural and Managed Forest Ecosystems?s/i especie (Rubro Bosque nativo)Universidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Gene Regulatory Networks and Gene Network Modules Underlying Desiccation Tolerance of Filmy Ferns of Hymenophyllaceae Family with Contrasting Vertical Niche Preferences.s/i especie (Rubro Follajes)Universidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
2016Development of Formulations of Phytochemical and in Vitro Biological Activity Evaluation of Compounds Extracted from Berries.s/i especie (Rubro Berries)Universidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Coping with Contrasting Larval Fish Feeding Conditions in Different Habitats: a Multiple Approach Study Based on Stable Isotopes, Fatty Acids and Gut Content Analyses of Larval Anchoveta Engraulis Ringens.AnchoaUniversidad de ConcepciónFONDECYT
2016Effect of Microencapsulated Pomegranate (Punica Granatum) Peel Extract with Controlled Release on Microbiological Stability of Unpasteurized Fruit JuiceGranadoUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Immune-Modulation: a Promise for Equine Airway Inflammation?s/i especie (General para Subsector Equinos)Universidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2016In Vitro Derivation of Male Germ Cells from Fetal Mesenchymal Stem Cells: a New Approach for Obtaining Bovine and Canine Sperms/i especie (General para Subsector Bovinos) - Caninos domésticosUniversidad de ChileFONDECYT
2016Roles of Hypoxia and Oxidative Stress on Lamb Fetal Growth Restriction by Twin Pregnancy And/Or Undernutrition: Intervention with Antioxidantss/i especie (General para Subsector Ovinos)Universidad de ChileFONDECYT
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2016Caracterización de la Diversidad Genética de Portainjertos de Frutales de Carozo (Prunus Spp.) Utilizando Snps Identificados a Través de Genotyping-By-Sequencing y Genotipado de Alelos S.General para rubro CarozosCentro de Estudios Avanzados en Fruticultura (CEAF)FONDECYT
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2016Efecto de la Suplementación con Antioxidantes del Medio de Incubación Sobre el Estrés Oxidativo y la Regulación de la Capacitación Espermática en Semen de Equino Congelado/Descongelado.General para rubro General para Subsector EquinosUniversidad de la FronteraFONDECYT
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2015Identification of Novel Transcription Factors Involved in the Ripening of Grapevine Berry in Response to SugarsGeneral para rubro Viñas y VidesPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
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2015Optimising Milk Production of Pasture-Fed Lactating Dairy Cows Through the Utilisation of Winter and Summer Brassica CropsBovino para lecheUniversidad Austral de ChileFONDECYT
2015Fraccionamiento a Contracorriente de Mezclas Oleosas con Co2 Supercrítico. Aplicación al Enriquecimiento de Ésteres de Ácidos Grasos Poliinsaturados Omega 3 de Aceite de Pescados/i especie (Rubro Peces de agua de mar)Pontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
2015Relaciones Entre Rasgos Morfo-Fisiológicos de Raíces y la Tolerancia al Estrés Hídrico de Genotipos de Trigo PrimaveralTrigoUniversidad de TalcaFONDECYT
2015Formation and Breakdown of Model Food Matrices Based on Protein and StarchGeneral para rubro General para Subsector AcuícolaPontificia Universidad Católica de ChileFONDECYT
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2015Study of the Key Factors Inluencing Nitrogen Losses by Ammonia Volatilization and Its Mitigation Measures in Grassland Soils of Southern Chile.General para rubro Praderas naturalesINIA Instituto de Investigaciones AgropecuariasFONDECYT
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