Roles of the Developmental Stage of Plants in the Intensity and Diversity of the Beneficial Effects Mediated by Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria

Objetivo general

To study the phenotypic and transcriptional effects of B. phytofirmans PsJN in A. thaliana plants, considering the whole life cycle of plants, their different tissues and the influence of the developmental stages of plants at the moment of inoculation.

Objetivos específicos

1.- To evaluate and compare the transcriptional responses of A. thaliana plants inoculated or not with B. phytofirmans in a temporal context in a tissue specific approach. 2.- To characterize the short-term effects of B. phytofirmans PsJN in different growth parameters of A. thaliana plants when the inoculation has been established on different moments of plant development. 3.- To characterize the influence of the ontogenetic stage of plants, at the moment of inoculation with of B. phytofirmans PsJN, in the intensity and diversity of the bacterial mediated effects across their complete life cycle. The last, considering transcriptional changes, modification of life history traits and physiological parameters under inoculation with strain PsJN.



Código: 11121306

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Fecha inicio: 01/10/2012

Fecha término: 30/09/2015





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