A Holistic Approach for Age and Growth Determination Based on Otolith Micro-Structure Methods, in Five Anchovy Species As a Contribution for Their Fishery Management

Objetivo general

To make a holist approach to determine age-structure and growth patterns in five species of anchovies associated to highly productive marine ecosystems, using otolith-daily based methodologies, in order to contribute to their fishery management. The five target species will be E. japonius, E. capensis, E. mordax, E. ringens and E. encrasicolus, which are fishery resources in western Japan, California, Benguela and Humboldt Current system and European coastal waters.

Objetivos específicos

1.- To develop standardized methodological protocols for preparing otolith for examination of primary increments in juveniles and adult fishes if the five target species of anchovies. 2.- To determine the relationship between hatch date distributions and catch date distribution for the five target species so as make clear how fast recruit anchovies to fishery. 3.- To make a comprehensive and comparative analysis of age and growth patterns in juveniles (immature) fish for samples recollected in five productive marine systems in a same given year. 4.- To determine the correspondence between macro growth bands of otolith (opaque & hyaline) and micro-increments of otoliths for the five target species of anchovies. 5.- To promote discussion to evaluate the extent to which the new information gathered would impact fishery management measures of these species.


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Código: 1140740

Base fuente: Base Nacional de Proyectos




Fecha inicio: 15/03/2014

Fecha término: 15/03/2017




Tipo instrumento: Proyecto (PYT)

Año: 2014

Ejecutor: Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Coordinador principal: Plaza Pastén, Guido del Tráncito

Región(es): Valparaíso

Temas: Ecología - Manejo productivo

Sector-Subsector-Rubro: Acuícola / Peces / Peces de agua de mar

Especie(s): Anchoa

Estado: Finiquitado

Fuente de financiamiento: ANID (ex CONICYT) / FONDECYT

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