A Critical Analysis of Cyclodextrins/Surfactants/Organoclays - Based Strategies for the Remediation of Soils Contaminated with Pesticides: Assessment of Benefits and Risks for Soils of the Principal Agricultural Regions of Chile

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1.- To establish the sorption/desorption behavior of chlorpyrifos (CPF)-TCP, diazinon (DZN)-IMPH and chlorothalonil (CTL)-hidroxy chlorothalonil (OH-CTL) under the influence of selected cyclodextrins, surfactants, humic and fulvic acids and organo-modified clays, on four soils from the principal agricultural regions of Chile. 2.- To characterize the sorption behavior of cyclodextrins, surfactants, soluble humic and fulvic acids and organo-modified clays used as amendment on soils under study. 3.- To establish for CDs an enhancement coefficient of bioavailability of contaminants (Qe), by using a mathematical model describing the relationship between the distribution coefficients of all species existing in the system soil-CD-contaminant. 4.- To determine the degradation kinetics parameters for compounds incubated under the different amendment systems. 5.- To characterize transport of solutes through miscible displacement column experiments at laboratory scale in soils modified with CDs, surfactants, humic and fulvic acids and organo-modified clays, selected as a function of the results obtained through the above specific goals.


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