Phytonutraberries Innovadores Complejos Antioxidantes Chilenos para Belleza y Salud en Nutricosmeticos y Alim Funcionales

Objetivo general

To position our product line as an innovative and unique solution for the nutricosmetics and functional foods industries, in order to commercialize it at a global scale. To add value to Chilean raw materials in order to commercialize them in niche markets with high margins to benefit all stakeholders in our production chain.

Objetivos específicos


PhytoNutr-A-Berries Complexes developed by Cosmetofood Chile are the first chilean ingestible concentrated antioxidant complexes with specific benefits for health and cosmetic welfare to fight free-radical damage repair skin and retard future signs of aging from within. phytoNutr-a-berries complexes are based on specific polyphenols and flavonoids blends extracted from Chilean berries and grapes which provide 30-40% more antioxidants than similar fruits cultivated elsewhere. In the US the nutricosmetic ingredients market revenue stood at US$229 Mn in 2008 with a CAGR 2008-2015 of approx. 15%. Key trends driving the market are: Aging population (baby boomer generation), Increasing concern with beauty, Demand for natural ingredients, Belief in beauty from within as the best approach, Spending moving away from treatment and towards preven


Código: 11GTM-11175

Base fuente: Base Nacional de Proyectos




Fecha inicio: 26/07/2011

Fecha término: 27/05/2012




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